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Signup for thinklinkr and find out why outlines are the answer to all of your problems. Thinklinkr has one of the fastest, simplest, and most innovative interfaces on the web and it will change the way you work. Meetings, brainstorming, and lectures will be fundamentally different for you. You will be more productive, organized, and connected with what’s going on in your brain. Leave thinklinkr open for a day, use it to organize your thoughts, and you won’t ever want to turn it off.

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Thinklinkr is the perfect tool to run meetings, kick-start brainstorming, and energize lectures. Read more about how you can start using thinklinkr.

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“I find Thinklinkr a worthy new contender, as a very fast, very flexible online outlining tool.” - James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly

Why outlines?

Simply put, outlining is the most effective way to organize your brain. There is a reason that your teachers always made you create an outline before writing a paper. Outlines provide us a framework for structuring our thoughts. This framework takes advantage of concepts that we, as humans, can innately relate to. Concepts like in/above/below and parent/child/sibling don’t have to be taught. We can look at an outline and immediately understand what it means. With no learning curve, outlines are perfect for collecting, organizing and sharing information - a swiss army knife for your thoughts.

Outlines becomes more important when you consider that our brains store information using the exact same types of relationships; using an outline lets you directly explore and represent your thoughts. We all know that this makes us better writers, but really it makes us better at everything we do that involves thinking. And when you integrate real-time collaboration the way thinklinkr does, all of these benefits are compounded exponentially.

22% more productive

The results are in! According to a recent survey, our customers say that thinklinkr has made them an average of 22% more productive. Who knew that a collaborative outliner could be so powerful?

Thinklinkr stomps Google Docs

Having the right tool makes all the difference in the world. There’s something that a great bike, a custom made tennis racket, and high-end hand tools have in common - when you use them they feel like an extension of your body. This phenomenon is the key. It’s the key to being competitive, to being efficient, and to enjoying yourself at the same time. Our number one goal for thinklinkr has always been to create an application that feels like an extension of your brain. You can create outlines with any old word processor, but no other application exists that was built with the same attention to detail, and focus on doing one thing exactly, perfectly right. Thinklinkr is the perfect tool.

Is your brain worth 17 cents?

The best way to super charge your brain, make collaboration work, and get organized is to create a Thinklinkr Pro account. Ask yourself what that’s worth. The answer is probably more than what it costs - 17 cents a day.

Thousands of people use thinklinkr everyday for:


Imagine a world where every meeting had an agenda, time killing tangent were stopped dead, you always left with an artifact of your work, no one was there that didn’t need to be, and remote attendants could participate as if they were right in the room with you. These are some of the benefits that our customers get every day when they use thinklinkr to run their meetings. Try using thinklinkr for your next few meeting and see how much more productive your team becomes.


It’s a great feeling when everyone is on the same page, bringing together different ideas, and creating something bigger than the sum of its parts. But trying to get everyone pointed in the same direction and thinking together sometimes ends in a situation where no on is thinking further than the next thing they are going to say. Thinklinkr can grease the wheels of brainstorming so perfectly well that it’s almost suspicious. After all, outlining together is thinking together.


Who doesn’t want to get more organized? The first step to getting organized is writing everything down, and once you start using an outliner for this you’ll never go back. Start collecting everything from your grocery list to your memoirs in thinklinkr and free up your mind space. Within a day you’ll start to feel more productive, relaxed, and satisfied about your accomplishments. Try getting started by making a todo list of everything in your life - you’ll be surprised by how good it feels.


Have you ever experienced the power of group note taking? Using thinklinkr in a classroom, lecture, or presentation allows participants to simultaneously collaborate on notes. Not only are these notes superior, they also provide you with the ultimate review mechanism. By watching the revision history something is triggered in your mind that causes you to vividly remember the lecture. That’s why students and teachers around the world are using thinklinkr in their classrooms.

Public outlines

Have an idea you want to collaborate on? Get the whole world involved with public outlines. A public outline can be viewed and edited by anyone. You can embed it in a blog or share it on facebook and twitter. Public outlines are perfect for analyzing hot topics in the news, building a community around a thought or idea, and providing the basis or rationale for an argument. Next time you read about something that you have an opinion about, create an outline and share it with the world.

6 billion other reasons

Everyone’s brain is a little different and so is the way they use thinklinkr. Sign up now and find out what kind of thinklinkr user you are!


Key Features

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Revision history
  • Manage & search outlines
  • Easy sharing
  • Checkboxes
  • Chat
  • Import & export
  • Undo / redo
  • Publishing
  • Printer friendly
  • Constantly improving!

Tons of integrations and extras!

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Business accounts

Collaborating with your colleagues in thinklinkr will change the way you work. Sign up for our business account and see for yourself.

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We offer big discounts to schools and universities. If you’re interested in getting thinklinkr in your classroom contact us.

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